Xinquanli laser million-watt laser cutting machine released
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Date: 2019-12-21
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Author: XinQuanLi
On December 12, the "3rd Annual Meeting of Chinese Markers" was grandly held in the Flying Mark Industrial Park in Yingde, Guangdong, Guangdong Province. Over 1,200 Chinese markmakers and elites in the industry participated in this annual meeting. .

On December 12, the "3rd Annual Meeting of Chinese Markers" was grandly held in the Flying Mark Industrial Park in Yingde, Guangdong, Guangdong Province. Over 1,200 Chinese markmakers and elites in the industry participated in this annual meeting. .

Conference Introduction:

The 3rd China Signer's Annual Conference is hosted by the Signing and Display Branch of the China Advertising Association and has been successfully held for 2 sessions so far! The China Signer's Annual Meeting aims to promote the sustainable development of the industry. By discussing new trends, transmitting new ideas, displaying new results, exploring new ways, and sharing new opportunities, the China Signer's Annual Meeting has become a nation-wide and international Influential industry event and development platform.



Keep time beautiful

Let's review the event together! !! !!


Hot scene on the first day of the event


At the event site, the flow of people was woven, and the flow of people was endless. The popularity of the booth has been unabated. The Xinquanli laser team busy at the event site warmly welcomed every customer who came to inquire.


Xinquanli Laser gained a lot of attention at the event with its latest laser cutting products, which made people shine. Through this event, engineers, agents and customers from all over the country had a better understanding of the products of Xinquanli Laser.


Zhao Jian, deputy secretary-general of China Advertising Association, awarded the industry leader medal to the chairman of Xinquanli Laser




General Manager Tian Quanli, General Manager of Laser Marketing Department, made a series of product presentations at the main venue of the annual meeting, and explained to the guests the models, power levels, market sales shares and service levels of the high-power laser cutting machines provided by the company. problem.


Mr. Tian's wonderful speech received unanimous praise and approval, from time to time welcomed warm applause from the guests.



In the afternoon, under the witness of many logo peers, Xinquanli Laser officially held the launch of the new 12000W fiber laser cutting machine in the exhibition hall on the first floor of Aoyang. New journey.


The new product release of Xinquanli Laser 12000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine has attracted much attention from the industry. Zhao Jian, Deputy Secretary-General of China Advertising Association, Liu Ye, Director of China Advertising Association Sign and Display Branch, and Secretary of China Advertising Association Sign and Display Branch Xu Yong, Chairman of Guangdong Aofeiyang Industrial Co., Ltd. Wu Song, President of Jiangxi Provincial Sign Industry Association Wan Liangbin, President of Yunnan Sign Industry Association Zhang Jianguo, President of Guangdong Sign Industry Association Hu Zhiwen, Fujian Sign Industry Association He Bin, President, Zhang Jianping, President of Jiangsu Sign Industry Association, Li Jiping, President of Anhui Sign Industry Association, Liu Guangtai, President of Guangxi Sign Industry Association, Zhang Jianjun, President of Guizhou Sign Industry Association, and Tan Xun, President of Liaoning Sign Industry Association Miao Yufeng, President of the Shandong Sign Industry Association, Jia Guojun, President of the Hebei Sign Industry Association, Li Deming, President of the Hainan Sign Industry Association, Jiang Guochuan, President of the Chengdu Advertising Sign Service Association, and Peng Zhilin, President of the Shanxi Sign Industry Association Wang Yufang, President of Qinghai Sign Industry Association, Xinjiang Sign Industry Association Long Wang Xiaowen, Gansu Province Association standard long learning and Xin Jianjun Wang Xuefeng, chairman of the full benefit of the laser have attended Xin full advantage 12000W fiber laser cutting machine ribbon-cutting ceremony, to witness this great event.



Zhao Jian, Deputy Secretary-General of China Advertising Association


Liu Yan, Director of the Logo and Display Branch of China Advertising Association


Xu Yong, Secretary General of China Advertising Association Logo and Display Branch



Wu Song, Chairman of Guangdong Aofeiyang Industrial Co., Ltd.



Wang Xuefeng, Chairman of Xin Quanli Laser


Xin Quanli Laser released the 10,000-watt fiber laser cutting machine, which continues the excellent quality of laser products such as "safe, efficient, stable and easy to use", and inherits the new generation laser control system, cast aluminum beam design and cutting head Anti-collision, cutting mouth induction high-speed perforation and other functions. Suitable for cutting thick carbon steel materials, compact structure, easy installation and disassembly, low gas consumption during cutting, high speed and high precision processing.


Good equipment, Xin Quanli laser manufacturing


Here, I would like to thank Anhui Junfei Cultural and Creative Technology Co., Ltd., the general planner of this annual meeting. It was their solidarity and assistance again and again, 104 days of communication and discussion, 13 days of on-site supervision, and 3 days of rehearsal. With the efforts of more than 100 staff members, the 3rd Annual Meeting of Chinese Markers was successfully held.



In the future, Xinquanli Laser will invest more resources to improve laser intelligent technology, and continue to introduce new ones, and actively promote the development of application solutions for the laser equipment industry. Xinquanli Laser will continue to uphold the customer-oriented principle, provide customers with higher quality, more leading products and better services, and create more value for customers.


Xin Quanli Laser is a modern manufacturer specializing in the development, production and sales of high-end CNC laser equipment. It is committed to providing one-stop full-industry chain intelligent laser equipment solutions for global users. Want to know more about the price of laser cutting machine, welcome your call, the national hotline: +86-0757-23619000

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